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Salone Energie Rinnovabili, Tunis 14-16 novembre ’12


La I edizione del salone-forum sulle Energie rinnovabili “EnerSol” avrà luogo a Tunisi dal prossimo 14 al 16 novembre.

“EnerSol-WSEF 2012 targets personal and moral decision makers from the government, from multilateral and intergovernmental institutions, from the scientific and academic community, from the professional and the business community, from the media and civil society, and from the general public.
EnerSol-WSEF 2012 aims at helping participants update their knowledge on policies, instruments, questions, problems, technologies, and the most recent and important projects and technological, commercial, financial and regulatory developments in sustainable energy and green technologies.
It also aims at contributing to the global effort of imparting a new strong, long, generalized and fair cycle of growth to the world economy and to the effort of mainstreaming developing countries, especially countries in Africa and the Middle East, and their private actors, in these new and dynamic sectors.
Hoping that EnerSol-WSEF 2012 will be of interest to you and that you will be among the participants, we would be pleased to provide you with any further information and remain until then and with the best considerations.”

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